"Searching for you was like looking for a four-leaf clover; not poetic, not beautiful, but a fucking waste of time."

You were gone
for so long
and for so long
I searched for you.
Running down halls,
Running into walls.
And you weren’t there.
You were just gone.

And now that I’ve finally found you again
I don’t think I want to
run into you, again. 

I was so convinced 
that you were a dream come true
that it took me a while to realize
you were my wake up call.

When I’m 86 years old, if I ever make it there, I know that I’ll be able to turn around and think, “those were the best days of my youth, the adventures shared with you.

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"Lukewarm love" doesn’t make any sense.

I don’t know who you are anymore,
but I remember, 
I remember who you were.


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There are many things that I will remember you for,
but destroying me will not be one of them.

Give me something to relate to.
This path isn’t easy.
There are no signs, or traces.
The trail isn’t consistent,
but it consists of shallow footprints
that all differ from each other.
Give me someone to relate to.

I know that I fill the shoes of many
who have each taken their own paths.
But I have yet to meet someone
who once stood where I stand.
Give me someone to relate to.