you use your words
to break people down
and then you question
why no one comes around.

you didn’t save me

you taught me
that I could save myself.

I want to write
About the things you say
and the way you make me feel
and how i’m left undone.

but to get a pen to do justice
would be like 
describing a new colour
it simply can’t be done.

Did you find your security in my insecurity?
Did your superiority come from painting me with inferiority?
You were so confident, when you made me feel small.
Now that I am confident, where has your confidence gone?

and if I have ever loved you
trust that I still do.
because loving someone
isn’t something I can undo.

You said you’d catch me, if I let you. 
So I fell for everything you said. 
I fell for everything you did. 
But when I fell for you 
You didn’t catch me.

I am somewhere in between
not wanting to remember you
and not wanting to forget you.

I’ve had enough of thinking I wasn’t enough for you.
I’ve have enough
I’ve have enough
I’ve have enough of you.


The coldest parts of me
were once the warmest.
The saddest parts of me,
Were once the happiest.
The darkest parts of me
Used to shine the brightest.

Now, there isn’t much left at all.

"I was never fond of love, but oh, I’ve always been fond of you."